Battal Group aims to increase foreign trade volume by providing global procurement and logistical excellence to its clients around the world with a wide range of products, from raw materials to consumer products and to develop relations between the countries in which it operates.

Battal Dış Ticaret is the trading arm of Battal Group, Specializes in the marketing and trading of commodities, raw materials and other products. Battal Trading has regular and long-term business partners around the world and promotes their products globally with its accumulated know-how and global network in foreign trade.

Sales & Marketing

We are engaged in sales and marketing activities in different foreign markets, different cultures and risk environments with its new business models and flexible organization structure. Battal Trading provides business development, sales and marketing services to industrial companies and other product and service providing companies in the Europe, Central Asia, Africa, and Turkey. This service consists of foreign investment, special exports and imports, creation of distribution channels and consultancy services.


We understand the importance of products availability to our customers and direct all our efforts to ensure that the chain of supply from the source or manufacturer to the customer will be efficient, qualitative and quick. Battal successfully guarantees its clients an unrivaled qualitative response and an efficient logistic chain, including the import, storage and transportation stages. The company provides export services to industrial companies, as well as import services for meeting the raw material demands of these organizations.


Buying and Selling is only part of our business, moving products from supplier to customer is a major part of what we do. We operate vessels and collaborate closely with ports, stevedores and transportation companies. We have logistics professionals who attend the loading and unloading of operations and oversee all aspects of the logistics flow. We invest heavily in our logistics efforts to ensure that the products we trade moves seamlessly to its destination.

Risk Management

Risk is an inherent part of our business. Understanding it and managing it is crucial to our success. We have always cultivated a strong risk culture, wherein every opportunity is considered from a risk-adjusted perspective. Risk management plays a role in each and every aspect of our operations and our attitude towards risk is key to our ability to navigate through volatile markets and economic uncertainty.