Battal International BV is a private limited liability company established in the Netherlands to incorporate, participate and manage other companies. Battal International BV and its subsidiaries provides investment management, shipping, logistics and trade services.

Battal International BV aims to increase trade volume of Battal Group and its clients by providing procurement and logistical excellence around the world. In addition, Battal International is Battal Group’ s coordinating hub allows a total and centralized control of all activities. It intervenes in the commercial and financial fields and in the risk environments provides urgent response plans at the international levels.

We are engaged in business development, project management, sales and marketing activities in different foreign markets, different cultures and risk environments with its new business models and flexible organization structure. Battal Interantional is acting as the supplier and vendor of global corporations and government organizations, supplies its customers products and services by means of central purchase outside the national markets they act in.

We are developing relationships and accounts in international markets. We create and implement creative strategies to accomplish aggressive growth, revenue and profit targets. We improve processes and infrastructure to acquire new customers, develop markets and support existing customers.

We provide trade and finance solutions through European financing institutions, Battal International plays an active role to secure and finance payment of purchases and collection of receivables and assists Battal Group in carrying out their foreign activities in line with international regulations and practices.