Battal Trading is a distinctive representative of the strong commercial culture of the group with its widespread contact points and foreign trade expertise. Battal Trading has regular and long-term business partners around the world through exclusive and non-exclusive contracts made with international producers and traders markets their products with its accumulated know-how and extensive network in different trade channels.

Battal Trading provides its sourcing and marketing expertise in a way that is tailored to the client’s individual needs. We use our expertise to connect producers and suppliers with buyers and end-users. We facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers with a focus on competitive pricing, product quality, always delivered on-time to their premises.

Battal Trading is engaged in business development, sales and marketing activities in different foreign markets, different cultures and risk environments with its new business models and flexible organization structure. Battal Trading acting as the supplier and vendor of global corporations and government organizations, supplies its customers products and services by means of central purchase outside the national markets they act in.

At Battal, we are creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move products from where they are sourced and stored to where they are demanded most. Our customer and worldwide supplier base benefits from Battal’s bespoke service model across the entire value chain, including: sourcing, marketing, sales, logistics and storage, hedging and risk management, and structured finance solutions.

Empowering Supply Chain

Our Mission

Battal’s purpose is to deliver excellence in supply chain to our stakeholders, associates, customers, suppliers, vendors, investors, and the larger community, which we believe, will guarantee our own long-term prosperity.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to success and expanding our trading network, by strengthening existing relationships and forming new ones all around the world.