Battal Shiptech has more than 20 years of experience with marine refit, retrofit and conversions. These upgrades have proved to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. We have the experience, skills and products necessary to make your upgrade a success story. A highly dedicated and specialised team focused solely on upgrades is ready to revitalise your vessel. As Battal Shiptech AS, We are ready to create solutions for the new regulations and occurring conversion needs.

Our experience in the hull, piping, machinery, paints, outfitting etc., guarantees the efficient support to your company and the smooth co-ordination leading to quality and timely completion of the projects assigned such as double side or double bottom tankers to double hull tankers and repairs of all type of vessels in Turkish Shipyards.

The Repair and Conversions consists of;

Investigating and projecting the present condition
Analyzing the different possibilities of conversions/alterations
Create and prepare the design for production
Consult and support real-time to your problems
  • Jumboising projects for ships in service
  • DWT increasing jobs
  • Conversion jobs from type to another type (Such as from Ro-Ro to Live Stock Carrier)
  • Sponson designs to increase stability of RoPax
  • WED (wake equalizing) design for better propulsive performance
  • Innershell and Double-bottom adoptions
  • and Job-specific solutions.