Battal Logistics provides compliant customs clearances certifying all governmental requirements are met and ensuring timely delivery. Our dedicated customs team is able to handle all of the necessary requirements for clearance on all types of shipments and modes, including import, export and transit cargo.

Our expertise in export laws, import laws, export procedure and import procedure means Battal Logistics can provide a highly efficient customs brokerage to move goods seamlessly across borders where it operates. We offer a broad range of services including: import, export, transit documents (such as T1 or T2 declarations), certificates of origin, fiscal representation, bonded warehousing, inward processing.

Therefore Battal Logistics team navigates the latest regulations, minimizes paperwork, expedites transit, lowers shipping costs with truly tailored service and attends the latest seminars and keep abreast of industry changes. We specialise in composing tailor made solutions for industrial customers around the world.