Navitas Trading based in Cyprus, the company engaged in marketing and supply of steel and fuel oil to customers in Mediterranean area. Navitas Trading also provides general trading and distribution services and operates a metals collection, separation and recycling facility in North Cyprus.


Navitas has been maintaining its activities constructed on 4.000 m² land and facilities with 1.000 m² closed area in the Gazimagusa Port. This place is also positioned as a company's headquarters and the company's storage and separation facility as well. In our roll sheet height cutting facilities where is located here, dimensional sheet metal cutting and selling are carried out in there. Navitas Trading has stock mostly in long products, distributing rebars to the North Cyprus market.

Consequently our target is to collect and separate the production remnant that can damage the environment and the nature, to collect and separate industrial products that have become worn out and recycle them as a ecofriendly and to bring them into the country's economy as a raw material.

Fuel Oil

We are supplying fuels and lubricants throughout the Cyprus, delivering directly from our tank storage. We supply fuel oil %1 and delivering fuels to homes, farms, yachts, vessels and industries, and now we deliver more customers and to more parts of the country than ever before. For heating oil, road diesel, tractor diesel, marine bunkers, fuel for industry, a wide variety of lubricants, maintenance, look no further for fuel and energy solutions, competitive prices and out standing service.

Utility Services

Navitas Ltd. is electrical utilities, telecomunications, natural gas, water and wastewater treatment support and supply service provider and mostly participates government and private sector tenders.