Procurement is critical and central part of the supply chain. At Battal Group, from our operational headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey where the continents meet, enabling us to be bridge between the East and the West, our procurement team overseas the sourcing of metarials and services to customers around the world.

From the source to solution, we provide procurement services that enable rapid delivery of goods and services efficiently and economically anywhere in the world. Our sheer scale of operations means that we benefit from price advantages due to economics of scale.

Our Procurement Specializations Include:

  • Technical Supplies: technical products and services with various levels of complexity.
  • Food: ambient, chilled and frozen.
  • Indirect: security, IT, communications, professional services, office supplies, clothing, and retail.
  • Fuel: Fuels, lubricants and fuel additives.
  • Chemical: General chemicals and chemical additives.
  • Spare Parts: Industrial spare parts, main bearings, valves, piston, piston rings, gears, shafts, pins, cylinder heads, and more.