Battal Shipping provides services a wide-ranging client base, intrections with whom form the back bone of our business. Individual team members' diverse market experience is complemented by close contact between our group companies and projects, financial, agency, and chartering departments. These connections place us at the forefront of providing integrated solutions, making Battal a true one-stop shop.

S & P 

Battal' relationships extend to every sector, allowing our team to maintain close ties to shipowners, oil companies, traders, miners, refiners, marine contractors, and shipyards. Our energetic and experienced team is focused on adding value to all of our clients across sale & purchase, project development, consultancy and other offshore, subsea and marine-related services.

Our history ensures access to the global ship-owning community, enabling us to provide a full service across multiple sectors. We have a dedicated focus across dry cargo and tanker markets, as well as specialised knowledge on offshore field. Whilst we conclude a considerable volume of second-hand transactions annually, our bespoke client-focused service separates us from the crowd.

Time charter

Battal Shipping’s relationships extend to every sector, allowing our time charter team to maintain close ties to shipowners, oil companies, commodity traders, miners and refiners. Our experienced projects specialists is well positioned to help client’s needs with rate volatility and increased commercial uncertainty in today’s market. We pride ourselves on providing service and solutions that are outside of the traditional service model, with tailored market presentations, predictive forward market pricing and consultancy services.

Towage & Salvage

Battal offers range of tugs for towage inquaries and salvage operations, through our extensive and daily updated database we are able to provide our customers with prompt and reliable information on the availability of tugs for whatever towage or salvage in any part of the world, whether you require an Oceangoing Tug of 20,000 HP or a small Harbour/Coastal Tug of 1,000 HP. 

Whether it concerns from general towage from A to B or towage of a vessel in distress to wreck removal, emergency response, cargo recovery, and deep sea special projects our dedicated and experienced team is at your disposal. We know our way around and are confident we will be able to serve you promptly, adequately, globally and satisfactory.


Battal's offshore team covers a wide range of offshore, marine infrasturcture and specialist service areas. Our diverse offering is focussed on chartering, sale and purchase, vessel valuations, in-country logistics and offshore project management services.

Drawing upon years of expertise and a broad knowledge base our team handles vessels required to undertake a wide range of offshore, subsea and marine-related services, operating in demanding locations and challenging environments.

Ship Recycling

Our presence in the highly specialised recycling sector enables us to keep clients well informed of market prices and yard space. Our specialists maintain close relationships with major cash buyers in Turkish demolition market. With demand for ‘green recycling’ growing, Battal Shipping draws on specialist expertise in the field to provide owners with further guidance.