Battal Shiptech, Turkey has longtime-experience especially in the in the field of ship repair and maintenance. Battal Shiptech provides services in the Turkey, Bleacksea and Mediterranean regions with well-trained service engineers and full-fledged owned workshop located in Tuzla, Turkey.

As Battal Shiptech - Propulsion Service, we have experience in complete overhauls, inspections and maintenance repairs – we are able to cover the whole project as a full team. We can support our customer with qualified service engineers, technicians and mechanical fitters.

We have always in mind the satisfaction of the client. We are supporting our customers both before and after the overhaul. Professional, good recommendation of spare parts allows us to reduce the cost of the repairs while keeping the high quality of service at a competitive rate. 

Battal Shiptech - Bolting Service provides a full range of services, including all kind of industrial bolting, such as Bolt-Torquing and equipment rental. All our services comply to the highest qualities international certifications. Battal Shiptech provides fast, economical technical bolting services with day-to-day payment or payment agreed for whole project. Our company can provide You with training before renting equipment. We can solve all problems for large as well as small bolt torquing jobs.