Battal Transport and Logistics (BTL) is a reliable partner in the area of warehouse operations which is one of the most important links in the supply chain. Battal has, as logistics operator, access to warehouse and port facilities, provides storage services in sea ports, free trade zones and major industrial centres. In our region we operate state of the art facilities supported by advanced computer systems that guarantee efficient and safe handling, storage, and delivery.

Battal provides comprehensive warehousing solutions and inventory management and we work closely with tenants and buyers to meet your specific warehousing needs. A wide range of services in the logistics chain allows for customised inventory management. Examples of our services include quality storage, handling, weighing, monitoring, sampling, analysing, blending, strapping, packing, containerization, customs clearance, supervising and consulting.

As one of the leading firms in the logistics industry, Battal’s extensive network offer daily domestic distribution service across Europe and Turkey. Battal produces customs solutions for its customers, performing project transportations from their suppliers to production lines, and is able to meet all requirements of their clients with respect to domestic distribution.